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Vision + virtue = value

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Whether in business or in private life, it is generally quite easy to develop a vision (although it can be challenging at times), but it is much more difficult to conduct business with virtue.

Too often we are witnessing human, and animal exploitation, as well as abuse of the environment where humanity treats environmental resources as merely instrumental, to be consumed in the short term, without consideration for the survivability of the resource, the overall ecosystem, or of future generations.

“Magnify the virtues, minimize the faults.”

Edgar Cayce

Zero waste packaging, carbon free shipping, fair wages, sustainability, ethical conditions and environmental protection sound complicated and so very costly: buying and selling cheap products of a low quality and questionable standards is simply much more profitable.

Or so it was.

We are reaching an era where the conscious buyer takes precedence.

It’s no secret that ethically-made, sustainably sourced products tend to be more expensive, however it is becoming evident that more and more people are willing to purchase the sustainable product over the conventional one, even if it costs them more.

Nowadays the consumers are becoming more and more aware that their choices and shopping habits help shape the world as we know it.

How about Black Rock, the company which is little known yet has a massive impact on everything and everyone due to its immense power and vast reach? According to such a claim one might argue that our freedom and control over our lives are mere illusions, and we could not change anything even if we would try.

Well, let’s just say that supporting business that Black Rock owns or is involved with doesn’t really help. The strength of each consumer (you) lies in knowledge and understanding who gets founded by the purchases we make, as our, even though sometimes mindless purchases, have a huge ripple effect and can cause a great deal of damage.

So next time you see the sales sign flashing you might give it another thought before succumbing to impulsive action.

Needless to say this is not about fighting anyone by any means nor is it a call for revolution. Resistance only breeds resistance after all. It is however, about making conscious and educated choices understanding that changes within manifest as changes without.

Sustainable shopping, with the intent to preserve the environment, is one way to sell and consume more consciously thus engaging in the economy with more awareness of how our business and behavior impact society at large.

“The reason I’ve been able to be so financially successful is my focus has never, ever for one minute been money. Money is created by finding a way to bring more value to other people. ”


Just a 5% increase in customer retention can boost your profits by as much as 95% showing the rewards for gaining and maintaining customer trust are massive. [1] Connecting with your audience, building consumer trust and a loyal customer base is important to boost sales organically – and will also save you money on cold advertising.

The simple truth is that all ROI starts with real business value (RBV). When you focus on value first, you are forced to focus on what your company and your customers actually need. Creating real value always involves serving someone else.

In defining virtue and understanding, let’s say that which is pure in our purpose is virtue. Virtue is keeping us in tune with the creative force, enabling us to know ourselves, holding steadfastly to the pureness of heart, mind and soul.

Understanding is the reward of virtue. [2]

At the heart of this practice is self-awareness. Engaging in some form of self-reflection will take you a long way. It enables you to acknowledge your interests and goals, recognize how they align with your business vision.

Both virtue and understanding are essential to righteous living. They are needed in meeting the daily problems of life that arise within us as well as in our relationship with others and the environment,

Every decision you have ever made and every disagreement you’ve ever had comes down to your values and the prioritization you place on those values. Authenticity requires your thoughts, words, and actions to be in alignment. [3]

That alignment occurs when you are honest with yourself about the trade-offs you are making and why you are making them. [4]

This doesn’t mean you will always reach a perfect agreement between the different factions of your own mind. But it does mean you will carefully consider every option and its outcomes before making final decisions. [5]

Traditional organizational structures are being challenged. Conducting your business consciously offers an edge that can’t be ignored.

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